What are the advantages of pneumatic components tool


The advantage of using tools pneumatic components:

1, the air is easy to obtain, and the working pressure is low, used air may be discharged without recycling pipeline;

2, the gas viscosity is small, small flow resistance loss, easy to focus on supply and long-distance transport;

3, high-speed pneumatic actuator movement;

4, the pneumatic system adaptable to the environment, can be very wide temperature range, humid and dusty environments reliable operation, a slight leakage will not pollute the environment, no fire and explosion hazards, safe to use;

5, simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost;

6, long life pneumatic components;

7, perform output hydraulic and pneumatic components than small, fast movement, adaptable, can be easy enough, explosive, more heavy, wet, harsh environments impact the work, do not pollute the environment, long working life, simple structure, easy maintenance, low prices.



How to choose pneumatic components

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