How to choose pneumatic components


1, the choice of the type of the cylinder
According to job requirements and conditions, the correct choice of the type of the cylinder. Requirements cylinder stroke end no impact phenomena reach and impact noise should be selected buffer cylinder; require light weight, light-cylinder to be elected; require the installation space is narrow and short trip, an optional thin cylinder; lateral load, optional with the guide cylinder; Requirements brake high precision, to be elected locking cylinder; not allow rotation of the piston rod, the rod does not have the optional swivel function cylinder; high temperatures required to use heat-resistant cylinder; in a corrosive environment, the need to use corrosion-resistant cylinders. In the dust and other harsh environments, the need to install piston rod end dust cover. When the request without the need to use non-polluting oil or no oil to lubricate the cylinder and so on.

2, the installation forms
Depending on the installation location, the intended use and other factors. In general, the use of stationary cylinder. The need to work with continuous rotation mechanism (such as lathes, grinders, etc.) should be used in rotating cylinders. In addition to the linear motion of the piston rod requirements, the need for the swing arc, then the choice of axle pin cylinder. When there are special requirements, you should select the appropriate special cylinder.

3, the size of the force
That bore choice. According to determine the size of the load force push and pull the cylinder output. According to the general theory of equilibrium conditions required external load force cylinder, depending on the speed of selecting a different load factor, so that the cylinder output force slight margin. Bore is too small, the output power is not enough, but it bore too large, so heavy equipment, costs, increased gas consumption, waste of energy. In the fixture design should maximize the use of expanded force agencies to reduce the dimensions of the cylinder.

4, the piston stroke
And travel agencies use the occasion and relevant, but generally do not choose the full stroke, prevent the piston and cylinder heads collide. As for the clamping mechanism, etc., shall calculate the required increase in the stroke of 10 to 20 mm margin.

5, the movement speed of the piston
Mainly depends on the input air flow cylinder, cylinder intake and exhaust port size and the size of the inner diameter of the catheter. Require high-speed movement should take large values. Cylinder movement speed is generally 50 to 800㎜ / s. For high-speed movement of the cylinder, should choose a large inner diameter intake pipe; there is a change of circumstances for the load, in order to get slow and steady velocity, can be used with a throttling device or gas - liquid damping cylinder, the easier to achieve speed control. Selection throttle control cylinder speed should be noted: a horizontally mounted cylinder push the load, it is recommended to use the exhaust throttle governor; vertical mounting cylinder lifting loads, recommended intake throttle governor; end of stroke requires smooth movement Avoid shock cushioning device should be used with cylinders.

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