DETAILED DESCRIPTION The method of installation of the solen


Solenoid valve is controlled by an electromagnetic effect, controlled by the main control relay. Installation Precautions solenoid valve is as follows:
Soft sealing butterfly valve characteristics are as follows:

1. When you install the solenoid valve coil up and maintain the vertical position, the solenoid valve arrow or mark shall be consistent with the flow of the pipeline shall be installed in a splash of water or leakage areas.

2. Before installing solenoid valves, pipes must be cleaned. Recommended before installing a filter valve, steam trap piping installation.

3, before and after the valve pressure gauge should be installed on the pipe, in order to observe the pipeline pressure.

4, when the solenoid valve malfunction, in order to prompt isolation valve, and to ensure the normal operation of the system, it is best to install a bypass device.

5, the working medium of the solenoid valve should be clean and free of particulate impurities, dirt and pieces inside the solenoid valve on the filter surface, requiring regular clean.

6, in the lack of rigid pipe, it is recommended to use the valve before the pipe bracket to avoid vibration caused by electromagnetic valve.

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