Cylinder valve gas leakage failure

Cylinder valve gas leakage failure The District Qilu Avenue, residents of a residential building a home in the liquefied gas tank leak valve failure by the District Fire Alarm after three squadrons rushed to the scene in time to take side of combustion gas leakage, edge water-jet cooling approach, on the leakage The LPG tank was safe disposal.
16:25 the same day the promise of three squadrons received by the district police said the fire, Qilu Avenue, by the district residents on the seventh floor of a home in a liquefied gas tank residents leak in a critical condition. Alarm, the firefighters rushed to the scene in time, leakage of liquefied gas will be moved downstairs, the compound can be disposed of quickly. As the leakage of liquefied petroleum gas tank is full tank, the tank pressure to a larger, firefighters tried hard to shut the valve several times. LPG leak more and more, in the air is also very prone to danger, firefighters decided to deal with the leakage of gas to ignite.
To ensure safety, firefighters ignited leaking gas at the same time, keep on the gas tank to spray cooling, until all liquid gas tank leaks and combustion is completed. Households, according to this description, who was installed just filled the kitchen preparing this liquid gas tank, the LPG tank valve sudden failure of LNG tanks keep out spray, he quickly got a pillow exhausted fully blocking the leak Department, and to quickly alert family members. Soon, firefighters arrived and had disposed of the dangerous situation.

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